Photography and Video Recording – Storytellers Photo Conference prohibits any audio or video recording during any part of the event. Attendees agree that Storytellers may conduct interviews and take photographs and/or record video directly or indirectly of you during the event. You authorize Storytellers event management all rights necessary to record Attendee during the event and to use any or all portion of such photographs or video recordings at any time in the future for educational, informational, commercial or any other business and in any form and waive right or approval of the uses and any claim for compensation.

Refund Policy – Tickets are non-refundable. Once you have secured a payment plan, you will be responsible for all payments. You are welcome to transfer your ticket to another attendee. If you chose to do so, the ticket will be subject to one time $50 administrative fee. 

Program Changes or cancellations – At the time of listing, all of our instructors are confirmed but may be subject to change without penalty. Storytellers reserves the right to make policy, and schedule changes, additions or cancellations for any reason.

Privacy Policy – By registering for Storytellers, Attendee agrees to and understands Storyteller's privacy policy.

Guest Ticket & Infant Accompaniment Policy – Except as expressly authorized by Storytellers staff, Storytellers programming – including educational programs and social events – are open to registered attendees only. A paid ticket shall be required for any guest or companion over the age of 18 months accompanying Attendee at Storytellers in full or in part. Attendee accepts full responsibility for any accompanying minor or companion attending Storytellers.

Waiver of Rights – Attendee, on behalf of Attendee and any heir, assign, personal representative, or next of kin, waives the right to recover from Storytellers Photo Conference for any and all losses, personal injury, death, or damage that Attendee may sustain as a result of Attendee’s presence at or participation in The Programs, whether caused by the fault of Attendee, Storytellers Photo Conference, or any third party.

Indemnification –  Attendee agrees to be responsible for, indemnify and hold Storytellers Photo Conference harmless from any and all claims, losses, and/or occurrences which may arise from or in connection with Attendee’s presence at or participation in The Programs, including, but not limited to, losses, personal injury, death, damage, or rights of any third party. This indemnification of Storytellers Photo Conference by Attendee includes, but is not limited to, attorneys’ fees and any other expenses incurred by Storytellers Photo Conference in pursuing, defending, or processing any claim resulting from Attendee’s conduct or Attendee’s failure to act.

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