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Illustration by Storyteller’s favorite ‘plus one’,  Skottie Young .

Illustration by Storyteller’s favorite ‘plus one’, Skottie Young.

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Rowena Meadows


I am a psychologist turned documentary photographer, born with an insatiable curiosity, an unavoidable inclination to observe and an intense discomfort with perfection. I wanted this conference to exist so that I could meet my virtual friends and photographic inspirations, and swim in the ocean a very long way from home. 


Blimie Tee


Hey. I’m an introverted extrovert, and if you’re curious, my name is pronounced BLEE-ME. I’m a Canadian living in Milwaukee, WI, loving the slow pace of “smaller city” living, but sometimes missing the chaos of the big city. Sunshine fuels my soul, and chocolate fuels my body. As artists, there is always more to learn, more to embrace and new heights to reach. I am deeply honoured and excited to have you join us.