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Why Storytellers


Widening your vision as a storyteller

Whether you are just starting out, or you’ve been documenting families for a while, you have ambitious plans for the work you want to make in this life. Storytellers is the environment to nurture those plans and open your mind to the real possibility of making stories beyond your family work. Are you ready to see your potential in a new light? 


The ideal constellation of business, technical and philosophical influences 

Coming to Storytellers means you are intentionally choosing to invest in yourself and your craft. We want you to leave feeling like you've gained a balanced set of skills to push your work, your business and your personal projects forward. Ask yourself if your career is worth this investment?


Speakers at the top of the industry and more time with them

We have intentionally chosen the best documentary photographers and fewer of them. Many conferences pack in as many speakers as possible, with little time to actually absorb and learn in an impactful way.  All of our speakers will be present for the entire length of the conference and we’ve made sure our schedule allows for quality learning time as well as informal opportunities to connect with them. 



Think of this as the best ‘Friday drinks with work-mates’ session of your life. Even though we have plenty of opportunities to support, inspire and influence each other in the virtual world, we never get to sit across a table and just be together. We deserve the real life versions of our online friendships. Come and make them!